Kick Over The Traces

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Release Date: June 16, 2009
Length: 41:55
Studio: N/A
Label: Recess Records
Producer: N/A
Mixing: N/A
Engineer: N/A
Artwork: Aaron Cometbus
Musicians: Billie Joe (vocals/guitar), Jason White (vocals/guitar), Bill Schneider (bass/vocals), Mike Kirsch (guitar on 6 songs), Aaron Cometbus (drums)

Notes: Compilation album containing the bands favourite tracks from previously released albums and EPs. The Japanese version includes a bonus disc containing 23 songs recorded live at 924 Gilman St.

  1. West Side Highway
  2. Losers of the Year
  3. Reach for the Bottle
  4. Find My Place
  5. Kathleen
  6. Keeping Warm in the Night Time
  7. Cabot Gal
  8. I Used to
  9. Before the Accident
  10. MPLS Song
  11. At Your Funeral
  12. Anniversary Song
  13. 2nd St
  14. Life During Wartime
  15. Landlords
  16. Big Yellow Taxi [Joni Mitchell]
  17. Future Daydream
  18. New Blood
  19. Beastly Bit
  20. Swan Song
  21. Train Station
  22. Mahogany [Diana Ross]
  23. On the Ave
  1. Find My Place (live)
  2. Cabot Girl (live)
  3. I Used To (live)
  4. New Blood (live)
  5. Buffalo (live)
  6. Reach For The Bottle (live)
  7. Backyard Flames (live)
  8. West Side Highway (live)
  9. Losers Of The Year (live)
  10. On The Ave. (live)
  11. Kathleen (live)
  12. Landlords (live)
  13. Life During Wartime (live)
  14. Anniversary Song (live)
  15. Before The Accident (live)
  16. My Boot In Your Face Is What Keeps Me Alive (live)
  17. Asheville (live)
  18. MPLS Song (live)
  19. Swan Song (live)
  20. Beastly Bit (live)
  21. Train Station (live)
  22. Future Daydream (live)
  23. Mahogany (live)