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Listed below are all known US sales totals for Green Day’s albums and any RIAA certifications they have been awarded, followed by the worldwide sales figures. Figures represented below have been taken directly from Soundscan data.

RIAA certification dates do not reflect the day the albums hit those sales totals, it is the date the certification was awarded. Certifications are given for albums hitting Gold (500,000 units), Platinum (1,000,000 units) and Diamond (10,000,000 units).

Studio Albums

Green Day 1,039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours
1,039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours (Lookout! Records - Apr 13, 1990)
960,000 USA

RIAA Gold Certification

Combined sales between the original out of print release of 39/Smooth (80,000) and the compilation 1,039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours (875,000) put this one at nearly one million sold. The compilation was awarded a Gold certification from the RIAA on June 28, 1995.

Worldwide Sales
Green Day Kerplunk
Kerplunk (Lookout! Records - Dec 17, 1991)
1,150,000 USA

RIAA Platinum CertificationWhile initial sales were very strong for an independent label release, selling 10,000 it’s first day of release and over 50,000 in the two years to follow, this album was pushed to Gold and Platinum status after the band rocketed to stardom with their major label debut Dookie. Kerplunk was certified Gold on June 28, 1995 and Platinum on August 8, 2003.

Worldwide Sales
Green Day Dookie
Dookie (Reprise Records - Feb 1, 1994)
11,900,000 USA

RIAA Diamond CertificationInitial sales of Green Day major label debut were strong but didn’t pick up mainstream traction for until few months after release. Dookie would receive it’s first RIAA certification of Gold on June 14, 1994 and Platinum on August 17, 1994. By the end of 1996 the album had gone Platinum 9 times. On February 8, 1999, Dookie received the coveted Diamond certification for sales of 10,000,000 copies.

Worldwide Sales
Green Day Insomniac
Insomniac (Reprise Records - Oct 10, 1995)
2,900,000 USA

RIAA Platinum CertificationInsomniac was released in the wake of Dookie‘s massive success and it’s initial album sales reflected that despite the album being less radio friendly than their previous release. The album would pick up Gold and Platinum certifications on January 8, 1996 and was certified double Platinum on February 27, 1996.

Worldwide Sales
Green Day Nimrod
Nimrod (Reprise Records - Oct 14, 1997)
2,600,000 USA

RIAA Platinum CertificationWith Green Day’s mainstream popularity starting to slip, Nimrod took six months to achieve Gold and Platinum certifications which were awarded on April 6, 1998. Sales sprung to life with the continued success of the ‘Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)’ single which drove in another million sales and a double Platinum certification on March 16, 2000.

Worldwide Sales
Green Day Warning
Warning (Reprise Records - Oct 3, 2000)
1,400,000 USA

RIAA Gold CertificationWarning sold well out of the gate, earning Gold status on December 1, 2000* but the album was released when file sharing services such as Napster began to cannibalize record sales. It didn’t help that the album’s singles didn’t garner a whole lot of attention from rock radio aside from ‘Minority’ which performed well.

* Sales figures tracked down from Soundscan indicate the record has now sold 1,400,000 copies which should make it easily eligible for Platinum certification.

Worldwide Sales
Green Day American Idiot
American Idiot (Reprise Records - Sept 21, 2004)
6,600,000 USA

RIAA Platinum CertificationTen years after hitting it big with Dookie Green Day released their second most successful album American Idiot. On the strength of the hit title track first single, the album would achieve Gold and Platinum status in under two months, awarded on November 10, 2004. The record would go on to sell 5 million copies over the course of two years before topping out at 6x Platinum on January 24, 2013.

Worldwide Sales
Green Day 21st Century Breakdown
21st Century Breakdown (Reprise Records - May 15, 2009)
1,200,000 USA

RIAA Platinum CertificationThe five year gap between the bands smash hit American Idiot‘s release and it’s ambitious follow up may have contributed to lower than expected album sales but it do go on to sell over a million copies, the last Green Day record to date to do so. The album was certified Gold on June 25, 2009 and Platinum on February 17, 2011.

Worldwide Sales
Green Day Uno
¡Uno! (Reprise Records - Sept 21, 2012)
330,000 USA

¡Uno! was the first out of the gate in a trilogy of albums the band released in 2012. It had strong sales to begin with, selling 139,000 copies in its first week, but a lack of promotion brought on by singer Billie Joe Armstrong’s trip to rehab killed any momentum. ¡Uno! was the first Green Day studio album to not achieve Gold certification, a trend that continues through all their releases after.

Worldwide Sales
Green Day Dos
¡Dos! (Reprise Records - Nov 9, 2012)
190,000 USA

¡Dos! was the second release in Green Day’s trilogy of 2012 albums and it would mark the first time since 1994’s Dookie that the band didn’t hit 100,000 sales in its first week, selling just 69,000 copies. With only one single being released to promote the album (‘Stray Heart’), ¡Dos! would go on to sell just 190,000 copies.

Worldwide Sales
Green Day Tre
¡Tre! (Reprise Records - Dec 7, 2012)
170,000 USA

With a postponed tour and the trilogy era turning into a bit of a mess, the band opted to move up the release date of the final album ¡Tre! a month early as a reward to fans. Album sales remained lackluster without any serious promotion and the record would achieve a new low for Green Day with just 58,000 first week sales. With overall sales at around 155,000 it was the lowest selling album of Green Day’s career at that point.

Worldwide Sales
Green Day Revolution Radio
Revolution Radio (Reprise Records - Oct 7, 2016)
230,000 USA

Considered a return to form for the band after the poorly received trilogy of albums that preceded it, Revolution Radio would top the Billboard 200 in its first week of release. On the strength of lead single ‘Bang Bang’, the album sold 95,000 copies in that first week before eventually topping out at around 230,000 sold.

Worldwide Sales
Green Day Father Of All Motherfuckers Album
Father Of All Motherfuckers (Reprise Records - Feb 7, 2020)
53,000 USA

Despite generally favourable album reviews from critics, Father Of All had fans divided with the bands new direction which resulted in the worst first week sales total of their career on a major label. The album debuted on the Billboard charts at #4 selling 48,000 copies which was almost half the first week sales of their previous album, Revolution Radio, which came out of the gate with 95,000.

Worldwide Sales

* Album sales data for this album is currently limited to two weeks of US sales and one week of UK sales.

Compilations & Live Albums

AlbumRelease DateUS SalesWorld Sales
1,000 Hours EPApril 1989???3,000
Slappy EPSummer 1990???3,000
Sweet Children EPAugust 1990???5,000
Bowling Bowling Bowling Parking Parking EPJuly 25, 1996N/A100,000
Foot In Mouth EPApril 25, 1997N/A100,000
Tune In, Tokyo EPOctober 9, 2001N/A100,000
International SuperhitsNov 13, 20012,000,0005,650,000
ShenanigansJuly 2, 2002225,000850,000
Bullet In A BibleNov 15, 2005525,0002,450,000
Last Night On Earth EPNov 11, 200930,00050,000
Awesome As FuckMar 21, 2011100,000350,000
Uno..Dos...Tre!Dec 11, 201215,000???
DemoliciousApr 19, 201415,00050,000
God's Favorite BandNov 17, 2017??????
Woodstock 1994Apr 13, 2017???6,800