Jason White

A longtime friend of the band, even appearing in the ‘When I Come Around’ video, Jason first joined them onstage in 1999 at the Bridge School Benefit and continued on with the subsequent Warning tour singing backing vocals and playing lead guitar. Along with Green Day, he also is a member of their side projects, The Network and Foxboro Hot Tubs, and is also in Pinhead Gunpowder along with Billie. In 2012, Jason became a full-time member of Green Day joining them in the studio to record what would become a trilogy of albums, ¡Uno!, ¡Dos! and ¡Tre!. After the touring cycle of the trilogy wrapped up, Jason went back to being a touring member and the band recorded their follow-up album, Revolution Radio, as a three-piece again. In 2014, Jason was diagnosed with tonsil cancer which required him to have his tonsils removed. He made full recovery and he is now cancer free. Outside of his Green Day related projects, Jason has also played in California, The Influents, The Big Cats and more.

Jason Freese

Jason Freese joined Green Day as a touring member in 2004 when the band needed a pianist for the American Idiot tour and he’s been with them ever since. In their live shows, Jason can be seen playing keyboard, saxophone, horns and providing backing vocals. Jason is also a member of the Green Day side project Foxboro Hot Tubs. Along with his live duties, Jason has appeared on the studio albums American Idiot (saxophone) and 21st Century Breakdown (piano). Besides his work with Green Day, he’s performed on albums by Avenged Sevenfold, Dr. Dre, NOFX, Goo Goo Dolls and many more.

Jeff Matika

Jeff Matika joined as a touring member for the 21st Century Breakdown tour and has continued to tour with the band since playing rhythm guitar and providing backing vocals. Jeff was recommended to Green Day by Jason White who hails from the same hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas. Jeff is also a touring member of Billie’s solo project, The Longshot, playing bass.