Tre Cool

Born as Frank Edwin Wright III, Green Day’s Tré Cool was born in 1972 in Frankfurt, Germany to American parents. Cool adopted his professional name at the young age of 12 when he was recruited to play drums by his neighbor Larry Livermore for the punk outfit The Lookouts. In French, Tré means “very,” and cool, well we all know what cool means. In 1990, Cool was asked to fill in temporarily for Green Day’s drummer John Kiffmeyer while he focused on his college studies. The rest is history.

Cool dropped out of high school to pursue music full time. Green Day later said they nearly broke up due to the difficult transition of getting a new drummer, only to stick it out and experience an incredible amount of success shortly after. Cool’s father was a huge supporter of the band, who converted a Bookmobile to a touring rig to transport the band. Dookie’s massive and unexpected success catapulted the band into lasting American and international music fame and a career that would span decades.

After winning an award at the MTV Music Awards in 1998, Cool climbed to the top of the globe at Universal Studios; a daredevil act he’s still known for today. In 2011, Drum Magazine named him “Best Punk Drummer,” and in 2014 he was called the second best punk drummer of all time.

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