This section contains Green Day’s covers of other artists songs as well as other artists covering Green Day songs. Also included are the studio covers released by Billie Joe for his ‘No Fun Mondays’ project and live covers from The Longshot & The Coverups.

Green Day’s Covers

Due to the amount of song covers the band plays small pieces of during the “Shout” portion of their live show, covers have been limited to those that are at least 40 seconds long.

No Fun Mondays (2020)

With the announcement that the songs will now be available for purchase on an album, streaming and downloading of the tracks has been removed. You can still watch the videos released here.

The Longshot’s Covers

Billie Joe (vocals, guitar) toured his solo project with a live band rounded out by Kevin Preston (guitar), Jeff Matika (bass) and David Field (drums). The filled out their live sets with a number of cover songs which you can listen to below. Most songs were cut out of concert footage recorded by AdmiralNeeda & People Of Punk Rock so special thanks to them.

The Coverups

The Coverups are a side project consisting of Billie Joe Armstrong (vocals, guitar), Mike Dirnt (vocals, rhythm guitar), Jason White (vocals, rhythm guitar), Bill Schneider (bass) and Chris Dugan (drums). Most songs were cut out of concert footage recorded by AdmiralNeeda so special thanks to them.

Covering Green Day