Site History

The beginning – The site first opened on October 18, 1996, hosted by GeoCities (original address: with the rather lengthy title of “Corner Of Stuart And The Ave” and eventually settling with Green Day Online. My main motivation for working so hard on the site in those days was to make it better than which at the time was a fan site. was an awesome collection of information on the band that you could not get anywhere else on the net. 

At some point in ’96 Reprise Records took over the .com domain for use as Green Day’s official website and the original fan site was gone for good. With gone, my site became very popular and Andrew Clute who owned the domains asked me to move my site there where he would host it for free. The site opened at on September 18, 1997. – The move to was great at the beginning. The site was mentioned in several different major magazines and internet sites (Rolling Stone, MTV, RockDaily, Addicted To Noise, etc), and had thousands of daily visitors.

Around the peak of the site’s popularity, we got a call from with an offer to buy the site. The offer was for $5,000 US and allowed me to continue running the site while they took care of the hosting. As a teenager at the time, that was a lot of money so it didn’t take much convincing.

It was also around this time that Billie and his wife Adrienne began sending in news and information and got us hooked up with Reprise Records where we received the title of ‘Official Fan Site’. The site received an enormous amount of hits in February of 1997 when I got duped by a fan who sent me what were supposedly ‘unreleased GD songs’ which turned out to be fakes. In retrospect, it was the best thing to ever happen to the site since it got us mentioned on a ton of radio stations and music websites but at the time it was very embarrassing. One article about the incident said this:

“In these formative days of Internet misinformation, factual verification of news items sometimes falls by the wayside when overly enthusiastic fans get their hands on a musical ‘exclusive’. On Monday, February 23rd, every music newsgathering organization on the Internet posted an item regarding the discovery of two brand new unreleased Green Day songs “Listen Son” and “I Had A Dream” which had just been added to the band’s official website. While did receive over 12,000 additional ‘hits’ as a direct result of the new songs, it now appears that the site’s operators had been effectively duped by “a kid who wanted some publicity for his band”. Alerted to the hoax by Billie’s wife Adrienne and lawyers for the band’s label Reprise, both titles were immediately pulled from the site. Appropriate ‘mea culpas’ have been made to all the offended parties, along with a promise to never again post unreleased material without Green Day’s consent.”

It happened when GD were promoting Nimrod so a few media outlets took to calling me a ‘Net Nimrod’. It’s funny now, it really sucked then. / – I began Green Day Web in the Spring of 1999 after I was removed from .net by Music Fan Clubs (understandably) because I wouldn’t put their banners and store links on the site. Unfortunately, the site didn’t last long because I couldn’t afford the hosting bills for such a high traffic site (thanks to finally getting a link from – calling it “a really cool fan site”) as a poor college student.

After taking some time off of running a Green Day site, I launched on October 3, 2000 (to coincide with the release of Warning) and the site continued right where it left off. No matter how long the site was down or what address it was at the community always returned which I always really appreciated. Things went great there for a while but the same issue popped back up – a lack of money to support the site. The site went offline for the final time in 2002 and I never really considered reopening it again. – Browsing Reddit one day in 2016 I noticed one of my favourite subreddits, r/GreenDay, was looking for new moderators. Being away from managing Green Day websites and forums for so many years at that point, I thought it would be fun to jump back in and help the community.

For the last seven years with the help of u/PavlovsVagina, we’ve grown the subreddit to over 79,000 subscribers and started a Green Day Discord which now has over 9,100 members. 

With a growing community and the limitations of a subreddit holding us back I thought it would be a great time to relaunch the old site to enhance the experience of our subreddit and Discord members by providing information and resources that we couldn’t properly provide on those platforms. So in November of 2018, after 16 years away, the website relaunched back at – for good.