Billie’s Corner

A collection of Billie Joe Armstrong’s handwritten letters and lyrics along with compilations of his No Fun Mondays cover project and #billiejoescampfire Instagram campaign.

No Fun Mondays 

All the cover songs released by Billie Joe while in quarantine during the 2020 Coronavirus crisis.

Billie Joe’s Campfire 

Collection of Green Day live videos along with the memories Billie Joe had of those shows from his #billiejoescampfire campaign on Instagram.

Handwritten Song Lyrics 

Featuring a collection of Green Day song lyrics from the past 30 years that were handwritten by Billie Joe Armstrong while the songs were being developed.

The ‘Walking Alone’ Napkin

Did Billie Joe use this incident as the basis for Walking Alone on Nimrod? Check out a zine describing the story, Billie’s apology note and the song lyrics and you decide.

Letter To The Fans #3

Billie provides a short update on the progress of their upcoming album (Warning) and their summer tour plans.

Letter To The Fans #2 

Billie sends a Christmas letter to fans with an update on what they are working on for the year 2000.

Letter To The Fans #1  

Billie faxed in this letter to post on the website to update fans on what was happening with the band in the winter of ’99.

Billie Sends In Lyrics For ‘Platypus’ 

Billie Joe tells us why the ‘Platypus’ lyrics won’t be included on the Nimrod inlay and proceeds to type them all out for us.

Billie Responds To Angry Parents Letter 

Prior to the release of Nimrod, Billie’s wife Adrienne faxed me this letter from a parent along with his reply to be posted on the site. 

When I Grow Up  

A school essay written by a 9 year old Billie Joe Armstrong which accurately predicts his future career path.