Music/TV/Film Credits

This page contains Billie Joe’s music, TV and film credits. Information related to Green Day’s releases are covered in the Music section of the website.

Music Credits

2021EPThe Upside DownersRockin At Golden BullVocals, GuitarFour song live EP of cover songs released by 1-2-3-4 Go! Records as a limited edition 10" vinyl.
2020AlbumThe NetworkMoney Money 2020: Part IIVocals, Guitar, Written-ByCredited as Fink for this Green Day side project. Released on CD & 12" double vinyl by Joe Robot Records (Warner).
2020EPThe NetworkTrans AmVocals, Guitar, Written-ByCredited as Fink for this Green Day side project. The four song EP was released digitally only by Joe Robot Records (Warner).
2020AlbumBillie Joe ArmstrongNo Fun MondaysVocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Recorded ByCollection of cover songs Billie recorded for his 'No Fun Mondays' project. Released by Reprise Records on 12" vinyl and CD.
2020EPBillie Joe ArmstrongI Think We're Alone NowVocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Recorded ByCover songs Billie recorded for his 'No Fun Mondays' project. Released by Reprise Records as a digital single and as a limited edition 7" vinyl by Uncool Records that featured 'War Stories' on the b-side.
2019SongMorrisseyWedding Bell BluesVocalsSong appears on Morrissey's album California Sun.
2019SongJessie MalinStrangers And ThievesComposer, VocalsSong appears on Jessie Malin's album Sunset Kids.
2019AlbumThe Trash BagsSelf TitledProducerThe Trash Bags' self titled album was released by Muddguts Records on vinyl LP.
2018SongThe LongshotDevil's KindComposer, Vocals, Guitar, Bass, DrumsDigital single released through Crush Music. Billie wrote the song originally for the movie Ordinary World in which he played the lead role.
2018EPThe LongshotBulletsComposer, Vocals, Guitar, Bass, DrumsTwo song digital release of demos Billie wrote for the These Paper Bullets musical. Contains 'Give It All To You' and 'Keeps Me Satisfied'.
2018EPThe LongshotRazor BabyComposer, Vocals, Guitar, Bass, DrumsFour song EP released digitally that featured the tracks 'Fever Blister', 'Razor Baby', 'I've Got My Problems' and 'Southern Girls'.
2018EPThe LongshotReturn To SenderVocals, Guitar, Bass, DrumsFive song EP of covers released digitally. Contains 'So Sad About Us', 'Can't Make It On Time', 'As Tears Go By', 'Million Miles Away' and 'I Am A Rock'.
2018EPThe LongshotSelf TitledComposer, Vocals, Guitar, Bass, DrumsThree song EP released by Crush Music digitally containing 'Love Is For Losers', 'Taxi Driver' and 'Chasing A Ghost'. Limited edition 7" vinyl picture disc versions of the EP were also available at Longshot shows and at 1-2-3-4 Go! Records for Record Store Day.
2018AlbumThe LongshotLove Is For LosersComposer, Vocals, Guitar, Bass, DrumsSolo album by Billie under the name The Longshot. Released by Crush Music digitally and on vinyl LP.
2018SongThe InterruptersBroken WorldComposerBillie Joe gifted the riff used in the song to The Interrupters. Song appears on their album Fight The Good Fight.
2018AlbumVarious ArtistsTurn It Around: The Story Of East Bay PunkCompiled By, Vocals, Guitar, ComposerCompanion album for the documentary of the same name that features various East Bay punk artists. Released by 1-2-3-4 Go! Records on 2 x vinyl LP. Billie appears in the bands Sweet Children, Green Day, Pinhead Gunpowder and Armstrongs on the record.
2017SongArmstrongsIf There Was Ever A TimeGuitar, VocalsSong was released digitally as well as a limited run of 1,000 copies on flexi-disc released by Pirate Press Records with proceeds going to 924 Gilman St.
2017AlbumThe ShrivesBack In The MorrowProducer, BassBillie produced this album along with playing bass on the tracks 'Turn Me On', 'Tea', 'Crook' and 'Kick It'.
2015SongThe LookoutsStory, Agape, Out My Door, Once Upon A Time, Kick Me In The HeadGuitar, VocalsSongs appear on the compilation album Spy Rock Road and Other Stories which features previously released The Lookouts tracks. Released on CD and double vinyl LP by Don Giovanni Records.
2015SongAviciiNo Pleasing A WomanVocalsSong was intended for Avicii's 2015 album Stories but wasn't released. It's unknown if the song will ever be released with Avicii's passing in 2018.
2013AlbumBillie Joe + NorahForeverlyVocals, Electric/Acoustic Guitar, HarmoniumBillie teamed up with Norah Jones for this remake of The Everly Brothers' 1958 album, Songs Our Daddy Taught Us. Released digitally, on vinyl LP and as a limited edition cassette by Reprise Records.
2013AlbumEmily's ArmyLost At SeventeenProducerReleased on Rise Records. The band features Billie's son Joey on drums. They later changed their name to SWMRS
2013SongThe Lonely IslandI Run NYVocalsSong appears on The Lonely Island's album The Wack Album.
2011EPThe BooSelf TitledBassFour song 7″ EP that Billie's family recorded to be sent as a Christmas card to family and friends. Limited copies were also available at 1-2-3-4 Go! Records.
2011AlbumEmily's ArmyDon't Be A DickRecorded byReleased on Adeline Records. The band features Billie's son Joey on drums. They later changed their name to SWMRS.
2009AlbumPinhead GunpowderKick Over The TracesVocals, GuitarCompilation album containing the bands favorite tracks from previously released albums and EP’s. Released on LP and CD by Recess Records.
2009EPThe NetworkJoe RobotVocals, Written-ByBillie is credited as Fink in this Green Day side project. This 7" vinyl contains three previously released tracks (Joe Robot, Money Money 2020, Roshambo) and was included as a part of the Green Day 7" Singles Box set.
2008AlbumFoxboro Hot TubsStop Drop And Roll!!!Vocals, Written-ByGreen Day side project. Released on CD & vinyl by Jingle Town Records.
2008EPFoxboro Hot TubsMother Mary / She's A Saint Not A CelebrityVocals, Written-ByGreen Day side project. This 7" vinyl single was included as a part of the Green Day 7" Singles Box set.
2008EPPinhead GunpowderWest Side HighwayVocals, Guitar7" EP released by Recess Records containing the tracks 'West Side Highway', 'Anniversary Song' and 'On The Ave'.
2007EPFoxboro Hot TubsStop Drop And Roll!!!Vocals, Written-ByGreen Day side project. Six song digital EP released by Jingle Town Records.
2006SongBillie Joe ArmstrongMechanical ManComposer, VocalsSong appears in the film Live Freaky! Die Freaky!. Song was later released in 2015 for Record Store Day on 7" vinyl.
2003AlbumThe NetworkMoney Money 2020Vocals, Guitar, Written-ByBillie is credited as Fink in this Green Day side project. Album was released on CD and vinyl by Adeline Records in the US and on CD by Reprise Records internationally.
2003SongIggy Pop'Private Hell', 'Supermarket'Guitar, Backing Vocals, Written-ByBillie Joe co-wrote both songs with Iggy Pop and Green Day recorded the instruments. Songs appeared on the album Skull Ring
2003AlbumLinkThe Kids Are AlrightMixingReleased on Adeline Records. Billie mixed the first three tracks on the album - 'Our Sensation', '20th Century', 'Sunday Morning'.
2003SongPenelope HoustonCorpus ChristieProducer, Guitar, VocalsSong appears on Penelope Houston's album Eighteen Stories Down.
2003SongRyan AdamsDo Miss AmericaVocalsSong appears on Ryan Adams' album Rock N Roll released by the label Lost Highway.
2003AlbumPinhead GunpowderCompulsive DisclosureVocals, GuitarCompilation album of previously released songs. Originally released on CD in 2003 and then re-released as a vinyl LP by Recess Records in 2010.
2001SongThe Go-Go'sUnforgivenComposer, Vocals, GuitarSong appears on the Go-Go's album God Bless The Go-Go's.
2001EPCommon Rider'Am I On My Own', 'Insurgents, 'Thief In A Sleeping Town'Guitar, Vocals, Recorded ByThis four song EP called Thief In A Sleeping Town had three tracks recorded by Billie in his studio. He also provided guitar and vocals to the songs as did Green Day touring member Jason White. The 7" vinyl was released on Lookout! Records.
2000SongThe Frustrators, One Man Army, Pinhead GunpowderTrout (TF), TV Song (OMA), Porch Song (PG)Producer (2), GuitarSongs appear on the Adeline Records CD compilation album Might As Well...Can't Dance. Billie played guitar on 'Porch Song' by Pinhead Gunpowder and produced the other two.
2000AlbumOne Man ArmyLast Word SpokenProducerAlbum released on Adeline Records.
2000SongThe FrustratorsTroutProducerSong appeared on the Adeline Records compilation Might As Well....Can't Dance. Billie is credited as Wilhelm Fink on the track.
2000EPPinhead Gunpowder8 Chords, 328 WordsVocals, Guitar7" vinyl EP released on Lookout! Records.
2000EPPinhead GunpowderSelf TitledVocals, Guitar7" vinyl EP released on THD Records.
2000EPPinhead GunpowderDillinger Four / Pinhead GunpowderVocals, Guitar7" vinyl split EP with Dillinger Four released on Adeline Records.
1999SongPenelope HoustonAngel And The JerkProducer, Composer, Guitar, VocalsBillie teamed up with Penelope Houston for this track on the Friends Again soundtrack.
1999EPPinhead GunpowderShoot The MoonVocals, GuitarReleased on 12" vinyl and CD by Billie's label Adeline Records. Later re-released on CD by Recess Records.
1998SongSamiamSearch And DestroyRecorded BySong by Samiam that appeared on their CD EP of the same name. Released by Blackout! Records.
1998SongPenelope HoustonNew DayProducer, GuitarSong appears in Europe as a bonus track on the Penelope Houston album Tongue.
1997AlbumBlack ForkRock For LootRecorded ByAlbum was released on cassette, CD and vinyl by Lookout! Records.
1997AlbumThe CriminalsNever Been CaughtEngineer, PhotographyAlbum released on Lookout! Records.
1997AlbumDead And GoneGod Loves Everyone But YouProducerAlbum released on the Alternative Tentacles label.
1997SongPansy DivisionCan't Make LoveRecorded By, Mixed BySongs appear on the CD compilation album Generations I - A Punk Look At Human Rights. The album, which also features the Green Day b-side 'Do Da Da', was released on Ark 21 Records.
1997SongBlatzUnite & FightGuitarSong was recorded live at 924 Gilman in the early 90's and released on this cassette compilation called Time Capsule which featured various artists who performed at 924 Gilman. Released by Absolute Zippo.
1996AlbumSocial UnrestNew LowsProducer, Engineer, MixingReleased on New Red Archives.
1996EPBlack ForkTour Of The CurseRecorded BySplit 7" from the bands Los Canadians (A-side) and Black Fork (B-side). Billie recorded the four B-side tracks by Black Fork. Vinyl EP was released on Starcrunch Records.
1996EPThe LeftoversGravy TrainProducerThis 7" vinyl EP was recorded in Billie's studio and released by New Disorder Records.
1995SongThe Wynona RidersNo One Ever Listens, Power RangersVocalsSongs appear on J.D. Salinger released on CD, vinyl and cassette by Lookout! Records. Power Rangers is unlisted but features Billie as the voice of the pink ranger.
1995SongTiltWorse To BadEngineer, MixingSong appears on Tilt's 7" EP Worst To Bad and was recorded at Dancing Dog Studios in April 1994.
1995AlbumDead And GoneT.V. BabyProducer, EngineerReleased on Prank Records.
1995SongRiverdalesBack To YouProducer, Guitar, VocalsThis song was recorded in Billie Joe's home studio and appeared on the Riverdales self titled album. Album was released by Lookout! Records on CD, cassette and vinyl.
1994SongRancidRadioComposerSong appears on Rancid's album Let's Go on Epitaph Records.
1994EPPinhead GunpowderCarry The BannerVocals, GuitarOriginally released on 10" vinyl by Too Many Records. Released on CD in 1995 by Lookout! Records.
1994AlbumPinhead GunpowderJump SaltyVocals, GuitarCompilation album of previously released songs. Originally released on CD by Lookout! Records. Re-released on CD and vinyl by Recess Records in 2010.
1992EPOperation IvyPlea For PeaceLiner NotesBillie contributed a story about his first Operation Ivy show for the EP's liner notes. EP was released on 7" vinyl by M&E Records.
1993SongRancidRadioComposerSong appears on Rancid's 7" vinyl EP Radio Radio Radio on Epitaph Records.
1992SongThe Lookouts / Pinhead GunpowderKick Me In The Head, Benicia By The BayGuitar, VocalsBillie features on guitar for two tracks on the Lookout! Records compilation Can Of Pork. The album was released by Lookout! on CD and double vinyl LP.
1992SongThe Wynona RidersNo One Ever ListensVocalsSong appears on the 7" vinyl EP Send In The Clowns! released by Iteration Records.
1992EPPinhead GunpowderFahizahVocals, GuitarReleased on 7" vinyl by Lookout! Records.
1991EPPinhead GunpowderTrundle & SpringVocals, GuitarReleased on 7" vinyl by NOREALITY Records.
1990SongThe LookoutsOnce Upon A TimeGuitarSong appears on a compilation EP called More Songs About Plants And Trees which was released by Allied Recordings on 7" vinyl.
1990SongThe Lookouts'Story', 'Dying', 'Agape'Guitar, VocalsBillie appeared on three of the four songs on The Lookouts IV EP.
1977SongBillie Joe ArmstrongLook For LoveVocalBillie recorded this single at the age of 5. The song was was written by his music teachers at Fiat Music and released by Fiat Records on 7" vinyl.

TV/Film/Other Credits

2019Video GameBeat SaberMusic, Vocals, GuitarGreen Day Music Pack available as DLC for Beat Saber. The pack includes the songs 'Minority', 'American Idiot', 'Boulevard Of Broken Dreams', 'Holiday', 'Father of All...' and 'Fire, Ready, Aim'.
2018TelevisionInside West Coast CustomsSelfIn season 6, episode 4 ("Green Day's Bookmobile Tour Bus") of the reality series, Green Day's old tour bus is renovated and the band is interviewed.
2018DocumentaryBad ReputationSelfBillie is interviewed in this documentary on Joan Jett.
2017DocumentaryTurn It Around: The Story Of East Bay PunkProducer, Self, Green DayGreen Day produced this documentary to pay homage to the East Bay punk scene they grew up in. Billie is also interviewed in the documentary and is shown playing live with Green Day.
2017DocumentaryDon't Break Down: A Film About JawbreakerSelfBillie is interviewed in this documentary on Jawbreaker.
2017DocumentaryGreen Day: The Early YearsSelf, Green DayThis Spotify production looks back at Green Day's formation and rise from Gilman St up to their chart topping success with Dookie.
2016FilmOrdinary WorldActorBillie takes on the leading role of Perry in this film from writer/director Lee Kirk.
2016TelevisionDrunk HistoryActorBillie appears as Charlie Chaplin in the season 4 episode Legends.
2015DocumentaryHeart Like A Hand GrenadeProducer, Self, Green Day, MusicThis John Roecker directed documentary captured the making of Green Day's American Idiot album.
2014FilmLike Sunday, Like RainActorBillie appears in a supporting role as Dennis in this film from writer/director Frank Whaley.
2013DocumentaryBroadway IdiotSelf, Vocals, Guitar, St. JimmyThis documentary shows the journey of the American Idiot album being turned into a Broadway musical. Billie is interviewed in the film and makes appearances in the Broadway cast as St. Jimmy.
2012Documentary¡Cuatro!Self, Green Day, MusicThe making of Green Day's ¡UNO!, ¡DOS!, ¡TRE! trilogy of albums is captured in this documentary.
2012FilmThis Is 40ActorBillie plays himself in the film but his scene was cut from the final version, you can watch it here.
2012TelevisionNurse JackieActorBillie appears in the season premier of the season 4 episode Kettle-Kettle-Black-Black credited as "Jackie's Pickup".
2012TelevisionThe VoiceSelf, AdvisorBillie was a mentor for Christina Aguilera's team on season 3 of the reality show.
2011Concert FilmAwesome As FuckSelf, Music, Green DayCaptures Green Day live on the 20th Century Breakdown tour performing in Saitama, Japan.
2010Video GameGreen Day: Rock BandSelf, Green Day, Music, Vocals, GuitarFans get to step into the shoes of Green Day in this installment of the Rock Band series.
2010BroadwayAmerican IdiotSt. JimmyBillie appeared in the musical in 2010 from Sept 28-Oct 3 and then returned in 2011 for 50 performances between Jan 1-Feb 27. He then returned on April 5th for the final three weeks the show was on Broadway.
2009BroadwayAmerican IdiotMusic, Lyrics, BookBroadway musical adaptation of Green Day's American Idiot album.
2009DocumentaryOne Nine Nine FourSelfBillie is interviewed in this documentary about the rise of punk into the mainstream in the 90's.
2007FilmThe Simpsons MovieVoiceGreen Day perform the Simpsons theme song as part of their appearance in the opening scene of the film.
2007DocumentaryPunk's Not DeadSelf, Green DayBillie is interviewed and shown playing live with Green Day in this documentary on the history of Punk music.
2007Documentary924 Gilman St: Let's Talk About Tact & TimingPinhead GunpowderBillie is shown performing with Pinhead Gunpowder in this documentary on the punk venue 924 Gilman where Green Day got their start.
2006FilmLive Freaky! Die FreakyVoiceBillie is the voice of Charlie in the film. Movie was directed by John Roecker who also directed the American Idiot music videos and the album documentary Heart Like A Hand Grenade.
2005Video GameTony Hawk's American WastelandVoiceBillie is a secret skater in the game who can be unlocked by completing Classic Mode on Normal difficulty.
2005Concert FilmBullet In A BibleSelf, Music, Green DayThis John Roecker directed concert film mainly captures Green Day's sold out concerts at Milton Keynes in 2005 but also features interviews with the band members.
2004Concert FilmDisease Is PunishmentFink, Music, The NetworkBillie performs in character as Fink in this live concert film for the undercover band The Network, who are a side project of Green Day's.
2003DocumentaryRiding In Vans With BoysSelf, Green DayThe band Kut U Up are the focus of this documentary as they join Green Day & Blink 182's Pop Disaster Tour in 2002.
2003DocumentaryMayor Of Sunset StripGreen DayThe documentary on KROQ DJ Rodney Bingenheimer features Green Day in archival footage.
2002TelevisionHauntedActorBillie appears as "Ghostly Betting Man / Irv Kratser" in the 10th episode of season one called Last Call.
2002TelevisionThe Chris Isaak ShowSelfBillie appears in the season 2 episodes Wrong Number (ep 4) and Charity Begins At Home (ep 7).
2001DocumentaryGreen Day: Behind The MusicSelf, Green DayEpisode 155 of the VH1 series told the story of Green Day's rise from 924 Gilman up until the Warning era.
1997TelevisionKing Of The HillVoiceBillie appears as Face in a band called The Stubborn Stainz along with Mike (Zeus) & Tre (Cane) in season two, episode 7 of the series titled The Man Who Shot Cane Skretteburg.
1995DocumentaryWoodstock '94Self, Green DayGreen Day are shown performing at Woodstock '94 in this documentary on the festival.