This section features demo versions of Green Day songs that have found their way onto the internet. The Dookie demos come courtesy of Todd who also provided some background on them below. 

‘One Eyed Bastard’ Demo (2021)

Word of this demo’s existence first popped up in 2021 before the track finally ended up in the hands of traders in 2022. The demo wouldn’t widely leak to the public until mid-2023 just months before the song was officially released on Saviors in 2024.

’21st Century Breakdown’ Demo (2009)

Demo leaked in February of 2009 with alternate lyrics and a piano intro that differed from the official release a few months later on the album of the same name.

‘When It’s Time’ Demo (2004)

Featured in the 2009 film Heart Like A Hand Grenade that documented the recording of American Idiot in 2004. The song would later be properly recorded and released on the American Idiot Original Broadway Cast Recording album.

Dookie Demos (Art Of Ears – 1993)

From Todd; “Recorded at Art of Ears studios in late spring 1993, after they got back from tour. Most likely May.” The final instrumental track, ‘Thoughts Of Smog And Slums’, is a cover of a Corrupted Morals song. ‘Walking The Dog’ is a Rufus Thomas cover.

Dookie Demos (Dancing Dog – 1993)

From Todd; “Most likely have the same basic tracks as the Art of Ears songs (see playlist below), but were overdubbed, partially re-recorded, and remixed at Dancing Dog. This tape IS the master for these 8 songs.”

‘When It’s Time’ Demo (1992?)

This previously unknown acoustic demo was surfaced by Jean Repetto in 2024 and likely dates back to 1992 when Billie Joe would frequently record demos on a 4-track. 

Dookie Demos (Art Of Ears – 1992)

From Todd; “This Dookie demo was recorded at Art of Ears studios in San Francisco, on December 27, 1992. The songs were all overdubbed and remixed at Dancing Dog with Kevin Army.”

Dookie Acoustic Demos (Late 1992)

Recording location and precise date unknown. Believed to have been recorded in the second half of 1992.

‘Words I Might Have Ate’ Demo (1990)

Sent in by Santa409 who added “home demo recorded in 1990, received in a tape trade several years ago”.

Sweet Children Demo (1988)

From Todd; “Demo version of Sweet Children recorded at 924 Gilman Street and featured on the soundtrack for Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay Punk.” 

‘Stay’ was also recorded in the Gilman session and remains unreleased to this day.