The page contains all of Green Day’s singles from their studio albums along with promotional only releases, digital releases and various singles released for other projects.

Jan 28/20 – This page is still under construction. Release details and b-sides for each single will be added in the coming days.

Father Of All Motherfuckers

Green Day Father Of All Motherfuckers Album
Father Of All...
Green Day Father Of All Motherfuckers Album
Meet Me On The Roof
Green Day Father Of All Motherfuckers Album
Oh Yeah!

Revolution Radio

Green Day Bang Bang
Bang Bang
Still Breathing
Still Breathing
Green Day Revolution Radio single
Revolution Radio

¡UNO! / ¡DOS! / ¡TRE!

Green Day Oh Love
Oh Love (¡Uno!)
Green Day Kill The DJ
Kill The DJ (¡Uno!)
Green Day Let Yourself Go
Let Yourself Go (¡Uno!)
Green Day Stray Heart
Stray Heart (¡Dos!)
Green Day X-Kid
X-Kid (¡Tre!)

21st Century Breakdown

Green Day Know Your Enemy
Know Your Enemy
Green Day 21 Guns
21 Guns
Green Day East Jesus Nowhere
East Jesus Nowhere
Green Day 21st Century Breakdown
21st Century Breakdown
Green Day Last Of The American Girls
Last Of The American Girls

American Idiot

Green Day American Idiot
American Idiot
Green Day Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
Green Day Holiday
Green Day Wake Me Up When September Ends
Wake Me Up When September Ends
Green Day Jesus Of Suburbia
Jesus Of Suburbia

International Superhits!

Green Day Macy's Day Parade
Macy's Day Parade
Green Day Maria
Green Day Poprocks & Coke
Poprocks & Coke


Green Day Minority
Green Day Warning
Green Day Blood, Sex and Booze
Blood, Sex & Booze
Green Day Waiting


Green Day Hitchin A Ride
Hitchin' A Ride
Green Day Good Riddance
Time Of Your Life (Good Riddance)
Green Day Redundant
Green Day Nice Guys Finish Last
Nice Guys Finish Last
Prosthetic Head


Geek Stink Breath
Green Day 86 single
Green Day Brain Stew / Jaded
Brain Stew / Jaded
Green Day Stuck With Me
Stuck With Me
Green Day Walking Contradiction
Walking Contradiction


Green Day Longview
Green Day Basket Case
Basket Case
Green Day Welcome To Paradise
Welcome To Paradise
Green Day When I Come Around
When I Come Around
Green Day She

Non-LP / Digital / Other Singles

Green Day - Here Comes The Shock
Here Comes The Shock
Green Day - Dreaming Cover
Green Day Xmas Time Of The Year
Xmas Time Of The Year
Green Day Fell For You
Fell For You
Green Day Letterbomb
Green Day I don't Wanna Know if You're Lonely
Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely
Green Day Cigarettes And Valentines
Cigarettes And Valentines
Green Day When Its Time
When It's Time
Green Day 21 Guns
21 Guns (live)
Green Day The Simpsons Theme
The Simpsons Theme
Green Day Working Class Hero
Working Class Hero
Green Day & U2 The Saints Are Coming
The Saints Are Coming
Green Day I Fought The Law
I Fought The Law
Green Day J.A.R.