The limited releases section features songs and EP’s that were officially released in some capacity but are no longer, or in some cases, never were commercially available.

Rare Songs

Highway 1‘ was a late cut from the Foxboro Hot Tubs album, Stop Drop And Roll. ‘Mechanical Man‘ is from the movie Live Freaky! Die Freaky!. ‘Maria‘ was originally a b-side on the ‘Waiting’ single prior to being re-recorded for International Superhits. ‘Ballad Of Wilhelm Fink‘ appeared on the Short Music For Short People compilation. ‘The Angel And The Jerk‘ was recorded by Penelope Houston (who penned the lyrics) and Billie Joe (who wrote the music). The song was released on the Friends Again soundtrack. ‘Brain Stew‘ is a remix of the Insomniac track for the Godzilla soundtrack. ‘Last Ride In‘ was played in an MTV news feature previewing Nimrod which the band had just finished recording. This version of the song is much longer and includes many different instrumental elements that the final version wouldn’t. ‘2000 Light Years Away‘ is a new mix of the Kerplunk track which was featured on the Jerky Boys soundtrack. ‘Good Riddance‘ is a b-side from the ‘Brain Stew / Jaded’ single prior to the song being re-recorded for Nimrod.

Welcome To My Panic (2021)

Billie Joe Armstrong was the subject of Audible’s Words + Music series in an episode called ‘Welcome To My Panic’. The episode featured 7 new acoustic versions of Green Day classics.

Green Day Live! Woodstock 1994 (2019)

The band’s third live album was released for Record Store Day and limited to 6,800 copies. The release year of the album coincided with the 25th anniversary of their performance at Woodstock and the release of Dookie.

These Paper Bullets! (2015)

Billie Joe wrote all the songs for this modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s ‘Much Ado About Nothing’. The songs are performed by a Beatles-esque band called The Quartos. ‘Keeps Me Satisfied‘, ‘Give It All To You‘ (Bullets EP) and ‘The Last Time’ (Love Is For Losers LP) were later recorded and released by Billie’s solo project under the name The Longshot. ‘You Broke My Heart‘ was reworked by Green Day and released on Father Of All with the new title ‘Stab You In The Heart’, while the intro of the song was used on the single ‘Holy Toledo’. ‘Dream Catcher‘ was an unreleased Green Day song they had played at soundcheck in 2010.

The Boo (2011)

Rare 7″ EP that the Armstrong family recorded to be sent as a Christmas card to family and friends. The EP was also available in very limited copies at 1-2-3-4 GO! Records.

Last Night On Earth EP (2009)

Live EP recorded at Akasaka BLITZ in Tokyo, Japan. Confusingly, despite taking its title from the song ‘Last Night On Earth’ from 21st Century Breakdown, the song doesn’t actually appear on the EP.

21 Guns Live EP (2009)

Live EP recorded in 2009 at concerts in Albany, NY and New York, NY.

American Idiot – Bonus Tracks (2004)

Songs were released as bonus tracks on a deluxe version of American Idiot but are not currently available on all streaming platforms.

Tune In, Tokyo… EP (2001)

Live EP capturing the band playing at three shows in Japan during the Warning tour.

Foot In Mouth EP (1997)

Live EP recorded at stops in Stockholm, St. Petersburg, Tokyo and Prague on the Insomniac tour.

Bowling Bowling Bowling Parking Parking EP (1996)

Live EP recorded at stops in St. Petersburg, Tokyo and Prague on the Insomniac tour. ‘Dominated Love Slave’ was included as a bonus track in Japan only.

Live Tracks EP (1994)

Recorded at a concert in St. Petersburg, FL on March 11, 1994, during the Dookie tour.

Look For Love EP (1977)

Billie Joe recorded this song & interview when he was 5 years old at Fantasy studios where Green Day would later record Dookie. The song was written by his music teachers James J. Fiatarone and Marie-Louise Fiatarone