The Archive

The Archive houses a mixed collection of stories and images that Green Day fans may find interesting that don’t fit elsewhere on the site. If we’re missing something that you think would be a good fit here, please send it in.

Green Day Live Guide 

This Google document submitted & maintained by Claire Fredriksson provides notes and videos of the live performances of every track in Green Day’s discography.

Green Day Concert Chronology 

This Google document submitted & maintained by Claire Fredriksson provides a spreadsheet showing which songs were played at each Green Day tour date.

The Story of 21st Century Breakdown 

User submitted look at the themes and lyrics of Green Day’s 2009 album, 21st Century Breakdown.

The Story of American Idiot authored this song by song storyline breakdown of Green Day’s 2004 album, American Idiot.

Larry Livermore Recalls His First Sweet Children Concert 

In an excerpt from his book ‘Spy Rock Memories’, Larry Livermore recalls the night he saw Sweet Children for the first time and knew immediately that he wanted to make a record with them

My Adventure With Green Day 

Originally written for the punk fanzine Tales Of Blarg!, the name “Laurie L” is a reference to Lookout! Records founder Lawrence Livermore who wrote the story. The fictional story was later featured on the Kerplunk inlay.

On Tour With Green Day 

Aaron Cometbus has published his Cometbus zine for many years but he’s also served as Green Day’s roadie from time to time, not to mention being a member of Pinhead Gunpowder along with Billie. This is Aaron’s documentation of Green Day’s 1990 tour which appeared in an issue of Cometbus.

Green Day Bits 

A collection of facts about that band members and their friends that was included on the Slappy EP inlay.