2022 GreenDay.fm wrap up and idiot forum launch

2022 Wrap + Idiot Forum launch giveaway

Happy New Year everyone! We wrap up this year just as we did last year, waiting for more news on 1972. But now, the longer we wait, the more opportunity you’ll have to win prizes.

To celebrate the official opening of the Green Day Idiot Forum, we’ll be having a draw at the end of each month for active members of the forum until album 14 officially releases. January’s prize is a Nimrod XXV box set, if you’ve already pre-ordered that you can trade your prize for an equivalent value Amazon gift card. Check out all the details on the forum.

Now, let’s take a look back at the biggest stories of 2022 as we look forward to an active 2023 for the band.

Top news stories

I normally comment my thoughts on each news story but as you can see this year there was a bit of a pattern. Safe to say Green Day fans are hyped for whatever 1972 will bring this year.

  1. Green Day release new 1972 song clip (July 20)
  2. Billie Joe posts and quickly deletes new studio clip (March 27)
  3. Green Day are in the studio with Rob Cavallo in new 1972 tease (May 6)
  4. Green Day drop another 1972 tease (January 7)
  5. Green Day post third teaser for 1972 (January 22)

Top concerts

Unfortunately, Green Day’s box office stats for the past summers Hella Mega tour have not yet been made available. You can head over to our Box Office History page to see past concerts and we’ll get that updated with 2022 numbers whenever they are made available.

Top new songs

We only had one “new” song released this year and it was the demo ‘You Irritate Me’ from the upcoming Nimrod XXV set. For what it’s worth though, the song’s 4.3 fan rating would have placed it at number one in last year’s wrap as well, beating out ‘Holy Toledo’, ‘Pollyanna’ and ‘Here Comes The Shock’. Overall, the song ranks a solid #53 on our fan rating chart out of 220 songs, not bad for an old demo!

  1. You Irritate Me – 4.3/5

Top r/GreenDay posts

  1. Met Billie Joe at a record store in Berkeley the other day (1.3k upvotes)
  2. Good news. Billie’s car has been found! (1k upvotes)
  3. Billie Joe with Billie Eilish (1k upvotes)
  4. When We Were Young 2023 lineup (976 upvotes)
  5. Green Day’s setlist for their show in Chicago: a literal dream (973 upvotes)

Top r/GreenDay Shitpost Sunday posts

  1. Billie Joe is a savage (1.4k upvotes)
  2. Mr. Incredible listens to Green Day (854 upvotes)
  3. I don’t get it (800 upvotes)
  4. Welcome to the Macy’s Day Black Parade (720 upvotes)
  5. The only true tier list (630 upvotes)

Thank You

It’s been a fairly quiet year news wise but we appreciate you all visiting each day. We have a ton of updates planned for the website over the coming year as we continue to make this the most comprehensive fan resource on the internet for Green Day fans. Along with the website and brand new forum, we also have r/GreenDay and the Green Day Discord which also continue to grow in huge large numbers so thank you to each and every one of you who visits and encourages us to keep working.