Green Day 2021 news wrap

2021 wrap-up: A look back at the year of Green Day

Happy New Year everyone! 2022 is now upon us so as we wait to learn what 1972 turns out to be, it’s time to look back at the top news stories, concerts, new songs and subreddit posts from the past year.

Top News Stories

  1. Watch: Jaded In Chicago uncensored & unedited – It’s no surprise to see the leak of the full uncensored footage of a fan favourite Green Day concert topping the list as the most viewed news story of the year.
  2. Green Day to perform at Global Citizen Live – Fans were excited for the chance to watch Green Day perform on national TV, unfortunately most would be disappointed when it eventually aired featuring the band in a pre-taped performance from the Hella Mega Tour.
  3. Unreleased song ‘When You’re Near’ surfaces – It’s not every year you get a “new” song so old it dates back to the bands days playing as Sweet Children.
  4. New side project featuring Billie Joe to release live EP – Another year, another side project for Billie. Hopefully more to come soon from The Upside Downers.
  5. Green Day Funko Pops & new 7″ vinyl announced – Fans have been begging for Green Day Funko Pops for years and were finally rewarded with these American Idiot themed pops.

Top concerts

  1. Hella Mega Tour: Dodgers Stadium (41,898 tickets sold)
  2. Hella Mega Tour: Wrigley Field (39,729 tickets sold)
  3. Hella Mega Tour: Citizens Bank Park (38,063 tickets sold)
  4. Hella Mega Tour: T-Mobile Park (37,709 tickets sold)
  5. Hella Mega Tour: Globe Life Field (37,519 tickets sold)

Top new songs

  1. Holy Toledo – 4.0 / 5
  2. Pollyanna – 3.7 / 5
  3. Rock And Roll All Nite (live) – 3.3 / 5
  4. Here Comes The Shock – 2.4 / 5

Top r/GreenDay posts

  1. Interesting (1.58k upvotes)
  2. In light of what happened at the Travis Scott concert, let’s appreciate this Billie moment (1.54k upvotes)
  3. New TikTok by the band!! They’re so active on social media lately I’m getting suspicious (1.31k upvotes)
  4. The American Idiot album as a person (1.24k upvotes)
  5. I can’t believe that he did it… (1.2k upvotes)

Top r/GreenDay memes

  1. He’s iconic either way (1.5k upvotes)
  2. I can’t be the only one who has this song tug at your hear-strings. (1.32k upvotes)
  3. Curse you Perry the Platypus! (1.32k upvotes)
  4. Wtf (1.19k upvotes)
  5. Homecoming be like… (1.13k upvotes)

Thank You

That’s it for 2021, thank you to everyone that continues to visit the website and participate on r/GreenDay and the Green Day Discord. It’s been a hugely successful year for us and I appreciate you spreading the word.

You’ll never see ads, referral links or donation requests here – my only motivation is to make this the best source of Green Day information on the Internet. As long as you keep visiting, the site will keep growing every year.