Green Day drop another tease for 1972

Green Day drop another ‘1972’ tease

It’s been a couple of weeks of relative silence since Green Day first dropped a teaser for what is speculated to be a new EP or album called ‘1972’ but things seem to be kicking back up again.

Yesterday, Billie Joe reposted fan-created 1972 album cover concepts to his Instagram story and days prior to that Tre Cool hashtagged a New Years Instagram post with #1972 and said he looked forward “to what we can do this next year together with our big slappy Green Day family!”

Today’s tease features Billie Joe strumming his guitar while video clips of the band from the past couple of years are played in reverse above him. The short 23 second video ends on a blank screen with the text “1972” displayed.

As we previously noted, 1972 is the birth year of all the members of Green Day and that, along with the video tease playing in reverse, seems to hint at this new release looking back or paying tribute to the last 50 years.

Let’s hope the next thing to drop is a new single, we’ll have the latest either way here as it happens and you can check out our Album 14 page for all past developments.