Green Day - Jaded In Chicago full performance leaked

Watch: Jaded In Chicago uncensored & unedited

As promised, the leaks keep coming from MTV’s archive of classic Green Day videos. A YouTube account run by Jeremy Schaftel has been dropping video after video of Green Day treats over the last week with the promise that Jaded In Chicago would be coming soon.

Today, the moment fans have been waiting over two decades for has finally arrived – the full uncensored and unedited footage of Green Day’s famous performance that would be aired on MTV as Jaded In Chicago – has now been leaked.

This new raw look gives viewers a chance to see what a Green Day concert was like at the peak of their Dookie fame, beginning with 8 minutes of pre-show crowd footage that features a much livelier pit section than you’d find at most modern-day Green Day shows when they’re playing a hit – and that’s before the band even takes the stage.

Besides being raw and uncensored, the new video also includes the bands performances of ‘Knowledge’ and ‘Disappearing Boy’, which were cut from the original TV broadcast.

Check out the new video below and then join the discussion about this leak with fans on r/GreenDay.