Green Day post two new 1972 teasers

Green Day release new ‘1972’ song clip

After getting numerous teaser videos for their new album, expected to be called 1972, throughout the winter and spring earlier this year, Green Day mainly went silent for the past couple of months as they kicked off the final leg of the Hella Mega tour. With the band now back at home for a break before headlining a number of festivals to end the summer, the teaser videos have resumed!

Yesterday, the band posted a new TikTok that featured Billie Joe and producer Rob Cavallo in the studio with the music of the Rolling Stones track ‘Criss Cross’ playing over the clip. While no new information could be gleaned from the video, it did feature the hashtags “#recording #newsong, #newalbum”.

Another studio clip was posted to their TikTok today which contained a snippet of a brand new song the band are working on for the new album along with the hashtag #1972 featured throughout the video. At the end of the video, drummer Tre Cool can be heard exclaiming, “this new record is gonna be so good…1972 y’all!”.

Unfortunately for fans hoping for new music soon, Billie Joe recently told Kerrang Magazine that the album will likely not be released until 2023. As we continue to wait for more news on 1972 you can check out our album 14 page for all the previously released information. You can watch all the previously released video teases below and on our YouTube channel.