The Network release Fentanyl music video

The Network release ‘Fentanyl’ music video

On the day Billie Joe Armstrong celebrated the release of his new album of cover tracks, his not-so-secret side project The Network have released a music video for ‘Fentanyl’ from their new EP, Trans Am.

In a post by Billie Joe on his official Instagram – which of course has been taken over by his Network alter-ego ‘Fink’ – he had this to say:

Billie Joe’s No Fun Monday album is out today but fuck that

they’re all covers- not even his own songs! Instead here’s the video Fentanyl, the genius you deserve!

The new video for ‘Fentanyl’ is the last of the four-song EP to get the video treatment following previously released videos for ‘Ivankkka Is A Nazi‘, ‘Trans Am‘ and ‘Flat Earth‘.

We are now just one week away from the release of the new Network album, but for now, enjoy ‘Fentanyl’!