Green Day announce American Idiot documentary

Billie Joe announces American Idiot documentary

In a red carpet interview with Good Morning Britain at the Madden Bowl (see the band’s headlining setlist here), Billie Joe let it slip that there will be a new American Idiot documentary coming out. After giving his thoughts on the Green Day potentially performing a Super Bowl Halftime show and touring the UK, the subject turned to celebrating the past, with the anniversaries of Dookie (30) and American Idiot (20) both falling this year.

We just watched a documentary we’re gonna put out for American Idiot, and it’s great, it’s really fun to watch.

Billie Joe Armstrong

While we’re short on details right now, you can most likely expect the new doc to be released sometime around American Idiot‘s September 20th anniversary date. The real question is how it will differ from the other doc that the band already released about the making of the album – 2009’s Heart Like A Hand Grenade, directed by John Roecker.

Check out the full interview below, if you want to just watch the American Idiot quote it’s at the 1:50 mark.

Update: In another interview from the event, the band mentions there will also be a re-issue of American Idiot for the anniversary with Mike Dirnt going on to say it will have “Lots of songs we’ve recorded in the past that no one has ever heard, things like that. Very good stuff.”

Podcast Interviews

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