Green Day Oh Yeah Music Video

What We Know So Far About ‘Oh Yeah!’

On Thursday the Father Of All… era will finally begin to kick into high gear with the release of the albums second single, ‘Oh Yeah!’, coming three weeks and a day prior to the albums February 7th launch.

With the title track released 5 months in advance of the album as the first single, it seems that song was more so to promote the Hella Mega Tour announcement whereas the release of ‘Oh Yeah!’ is their big gun song to promote the album. So let’s take a look at what we know so far about ‘Oh Yeah!’.

It was originally called ‘Bulletproof Backpack’

In a September interview with Kerrang! Magazine a track was referenced called ‘Bulletproof Backpack’ with Billie Joe describing the song’s topical inspiration. “It’s sort of about being freaked out around the polarization that we live in right now. Whether it’s kids getting shot in schools, or the closest thing that America has ever seen to fascism. ”

The article also mentioned that the song included a sample of Joan Jett’s ‘Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)’ but when we received the leaked back cover of the album revealing the complete tracklist for the first time, ‘Bulletproof Backpack’ with nowhere to be found. Track three on the album, however, was titled ‘Oh Yeah!’ so it was clearly renamed sometime in the weeks after, but at this time we don’t know the reason why. I think most fans will agree the original title was better.

Q Magazine said Oh Yeah! “mirrors a classic Glitter Band glam stomp”

In their 4/5 star review of Father Of All…, Q Magazine didn’t have much to say about ‘Oh Yeah!’ except the above somewhat confusing quote along with including it along with ‘Fire, Ready Aim’ and ‘Stab You In The Heart’ as one of their three recommended tracks. The “Glitter Band glam stomp” quote is most likely in reference to the song sampling Joan Jett’s cover of the Gary Glitter hit ‘Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)’.

It’s the 4th longest song on Father Of All…

With the entire 10 track album clocking in at just over 26 minutes we knew there wouldn’t be any epic ‘Jesus Of Suburbia’ type songs on the album, but we can now confirm ‘Oh Yeah’ is the fourth-longest song on the album with a runtime of 2:51.

The music video will also drop tomorrow

The band have started releasing pictures from the ‘Oh Yeah!’ video shoot on their Instagram accounts (including Tre in character as “Frank Storm”) while Billie also featured a repost in his story from a Director named Malia James which was a picture of her and Billie on set with overlayed text reading “@greenday video out THURSDAY”. While it didn’t specify if it was this week or next, it can be reasonably assumed it would drop at or around the same time the song does this Thursday.

The video seems to feature rapper Tyla Yaweh

Fans hoping we were in for a sequel to ‘Nightlife’ from ¡ Dos! are probably gonna be disappointed to hear that despite several Instagram posts from rapper Tyla Yaweh that seem to indicate he’s appearing in the music video for ‘Oh Yeah!’, there’s been no mention of a guest appearance on the actual track itself in the albums only available review or in any of the interviews with the band and he is not credited as appearing on the albums back cover.

The song will be released at 11 am ET/8 am PT

Finally, thanks to an update from the band’s official Twitter account today, we won’t be left guessing as to when we’ll be able to hear the song. The song should be available to purchase or stream on all major platforms on Thursday at 11 am ET / 8 am PT with the music video hopefully dropping on YouTube around the same time.