Green Day, Fall Out Boy and Weezer set to announce Hella Mega Tour

Green Day Set To Tour With Fall Out Boy & Weezer

What started as a strange reply to an Instagram post from actor Rainn Wilson (The Office) by Billie Joe Armstrong quickly turned into a flurry of clues that a tour will be announced soon called the Hella Mega Tour featuring Green Day, Fall Out Boy and Weezer. The reply from Billie Joe was simply “hella mega” but what got fans talking was his tagging of Rivers Cuomo of Weezer and Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy in his reply. Rumours of the three groups touring together had been swirling for a few weeks and it made perfect sense with the bands all represented by Crush Music.

Billie Joe Armstrong teases Hella Mega Tour
@rainnwilson Instagram


With this comment reply in mind, fans started digging for answers as to what it could mean. What quickly turned up was a website at featuring none other than Rainn Wilson in a scene from The Office as the site background. No other content is currently on the site other than a password box that so far no fan has been able to crack. Fans also found Instagram and Twitter accounts set up for the tour, also with no content.

Green Day Hella Mega Tour website


At the same time this was all happening, pictures of flyers were posted by fans in California who had been handed them at music venues. The flyers had nothing on them except “Hella Mega” and the names of all three bands.

Hella Mega Tour flyer
Hella Mega Tour Flyer courtesy of @sarahjocarl


If all that wasn’t confirmation enough, further reports began circulating of fans receiving packages in the mail that contained t-shirts that had mixed up band photos and band logos. The return address for the packages was traced back to none other than the bands’ management group, Crush Music.


September 10th has been rumoured for some time now as being the release date of the new Green Day single, but it’s looking very likely that we’ll also have a tour announcement along with it. This tour is expected to be a series of stadium shows taking place next summer but we’ll have to wait for official details to confirm. As always, follow us on Twitter for the latest story updates.

Update: Green Day have confirmed the forthcoming announcement in a video posted to the Hella Mega Tour Instagram.