The Network perform on The Tonight Show

Watch: The Network perform ‘Threat Level Midnight’

Green Day may have just released a new single as part of their two-year deal with the NHL but it was their alter-ego side project The Network hitting the big stage tonight for their television debut.

For those confused about this side project, The Network consists of Billie Joe (as Fink – guitar, vocals), Mike Dirnt (as Van Gough – bass, vocals), Tre Cool (as The Snoo – drums, vocals), Jason White (as Balducci – guitar), Chris Dugan (as Z – keyboards) and Reto Peter (as Cpt. Underpants – keytar). As the band members are in disguise, it is part of the shtick that Green Day denies any connection to The Network.

Appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, The Network performed ‘Threat Level Midnight’ from their album Money Money 2020: Part II which was released in December of 2020, 17 years after the band debuted with Money Money 2020 in 2003.

‘Threat Level Midnight’ is the top-rated song on MM2020: Part II by visitors of this website so enjoy their performance below! Edit: Performance has been removed by NBC so you’ll have to settle for the music video instead!