Green Day partners with the NHL

Green Day partners with the NHL

The NHL announced today that they will be partnering with Green Day for the next two years and using a new song, titled ‘Fire, Ready, Aim’ from the upcoming Father Of All Motherfuckers album, as the opening song for NBC Sports’ Wednesday Night Hockey. The song will be featured for the first time on the October 9th NBC broadcast of the New Jersey Devils vs Philadelphia Flyers, but you can check out a small clip below.

Mayer also noted that new singles from Green Day’s upcoming album will also be played on Wednesday Night Hockey and the bands’ songs will be incorporated into arena mixes around the NHL. Mayer says Green Day are big hockey fans and that it’s especially true of Tre Cool;

“The band are hockey fans. The drummer, Tré Cool, is a big fan. These guys have been to games, but they’re not over the top as much as Tré is. He’s a San Jose fan who now, because he lives in Newport Beach, is becoming an Anaheim Ducks fan,” Mayer explains.

“When we were together last week shooting a video, he was like, ‘I’m going to shoot you a list of all the games I want to go to. I want to sit on the glass.’ That’s music to our ears.”

Mayer turned to Armstrong and bassist Mike Dint and said, “By the time we’re done with this, you guys are going to be as big of fans as he is.”

The NHL also announced that Green Day will be the headline performance at the 2020 NHL All-Star Game taking place from January 24-26 in St Louis and NHL executive vice president Steve Mayer told the Associated Press that the performance will be memorable. “We’re going to try some bold things,” Mayer said. “The performance that we’re talking about at All-Star will be epic.”