The Network release 'The Ultimate Test'

‘The Ultimate Test’ confirmed to be The Network?

Update (Nov 8): We can now confirm the ‘leaked’ song was in fact an edited version of a song called Sound The Alarm by a band called Viva Death. Thanks to Todd for sending that in.

With the news yesterday that The Network are set to return with a follow-up to their 2003 album Money Money 2020 called Part II, a song called ‘The Ultimate Test’ began floating around again that had been attributed to the band but was initially dismissed by many as fake when it first surfaced in early September.

Billie Joe Armstrong’s denial of the song being real on his Instagram story has now given the song some legitimacy with fans thinking it falls in line with his denials about being a member of The Network.

From Billie Joe’s Instagram story on October 30

Green Day of coarse deny being members of The Network as an ongoing joke and use disguises and accents to hide their identities. Over the past couple of days, Billie has claimed his accounts promoting The Network’s return were the result of a hack.

In the same Instagram story that Billie Joe denied the song to be connected to him, he also shared several clips of the song to listen to while also promoting the new official Network Instagram account.

‘The Ultimate Test’ music video has a YouTube description with the following message;

Join us in our condemnation of humanity. Soon the world will know…

Check out the ‘The Ultimate Test’ below and decide for yourself if it’s real or is it another band taking inspiration from the Panicland prank last year to once again trick Green Day fans.

Keep checking back for updates as we wait to hear news on when Money Money 2020 Part II will be fully revealed.

Update: The video has been removed due to a copyright strike from Warner Music, Green Day & The Network’s record label, but you can listen to the audio below.

The Network(?) – The Ultimate Test