The Network release Tarantula sound clip

The Network tease new song ‘Tarantula’

The Network have posted a new song tease in the spirit of Halloween called ‘Tarantula’. The short 22-second clip features video footage of actual tarantulas so if you have arachnophobia you may wanna skip this one.

The clip was posted to the bands’ new official Instagram and YouTube accounts with the simple caption “Trick or Treat”.

This is the second confirmed song from the expected new Network album which will be titled Money Money 2020 Part II and will be released on Green Day’s label, Warner Records.

The first song announcing their return was called ‘The Prophecy” and was also released on their official accounts.

Another song that surfaced, called ‘The Ultimate Test’, was originally thought to be a leaked The Network song but has caused considerable debate among fans about its legitimacy. The song has been removed from YouTube due to a copyright strike by Warner Records, the label of The Network & Green Day.

Things seem to be moving pretty quickly though, so keep checking back as we continue to gather more news about the unexpected return of The Network.