The Network take over Kerrang Magazine

The Network take over Kerrang! Magazine

Kerrang! may not actually be distributing physical copies of their magazine right now but that couldn’t stop The Network from taking them over anyway and gracing the digital cover for a new feature story.

Billed as “a world exclusive, first interview”, the feature lacks much in new information, no surprise there with the Green Day members in character for the interview as their Network counterparts, but they did have some choice words on their rivalry with….well, themselves;

We heard Green Day eats shit sandwiches, but it’s impossible because they don’t like bread. That’s what I feel like when I hear their acoustic song Good Rodents. But serious, I kid the boys in Green Dan. Somehow they’ve pulled it off for 30 years. What’s next? A prequel to Kerplunk!? The pre-pubic hair years.”

Mongo Fink (aka Billie Joe Armstrong)

One new piece of information gleaned from the interview was that the upcoming Money Money 2020 Part II will feature 25 tracks on the double LP set. The band were asked if that was too much in today’s age of short attention spans;

I was never taught to have an attention span. We just need attention. Like stand attention. Or bad intentions. Whatever our intentions are is to torture the world with 25 songs. It’s important you listen to every track twice. We are positive you will get nothing out of this audio experience. Maybe you will get cancer or pregnant. Streaming is a river of shit. We just supply the toilet paper.

Mongo Fink (aka Billie Joe Armstrong)

Kerrang has also included a Dropbox of downloads to go along with the article including wallpapers featuring each band member, the digital cover and a colouring sheet.

Money Money 2020 Part II tracklist

The Network has also continued their daily trend of teasing one side per day of their double LP set. We now have the tracklist for the entire LP 1 and the first side of LP 2. The final songs on LP 2 will be released tomorrow ahead of Friday’s album release on streaming platforms.

LP 1 Side A:

  1. The Prophecy
  2. Theory Of Reality
  3. Trans Am
  4. Asphyxia
  5. Fentanyl
  6. Ivankkka Is A Nazi

LP 1 Side B:

  1. Digital Black
  2. Flat Earth
  3. Degenerate
  4. Carolina’s Ultimate Netflix Tweet
  5. Respirator
  6. Squatter

LP 2 Side C:

  1. Tarantula
  2. Cancer Is The New Black
  3. The Stranger
  4. Hey Elon
  5. Popper Punk
  6. Jerry Falwell’s Pool Party

LP 2 Side D:

  1. Heard Immunity
  2. Time Capsule
  3. Threat Level Midnight
  4. Amnesia Vegabond
  5. The Art Of The Deal With The Devil