Pre-orders open for new The Network album Money Money 2020 Part II

Pre-orders open for new Network album & merch

While most of the world still has a few hours to go before the Friday release of The Network’s new album Money Money 2020 Part II, their online store has now officially opened!

Along with the vinyl gatefold double LP of the band’s new album, fans can pick through a healthy selection of t-shirts, stickers, buttons, trading cards and more.

One thing you won’t find is a physical release of the Trans Am EP which seems like it will remain as a digital-only release.

Unfortunately, the actual vinyl is delayed until April 30, 2021 and the CD won’t release until February 12, 2021 but the rest of the store items should be available in mid January.

If you order any merch along with the Vinyl, be aware that the entire order will delayed until April 30th so if you don’t want to wait you’ll have to do it in seperate orders.

Head over to the Network’s online store and get you pre-order in now, there’s no indication that the selection is limited but better safe than sorry.

Update: The new album is now officially out on all streaming services and the band has dropped a new music video for ‘Threat Level Midnight’!