Green Day bored

The calm before the storm?

It’s been almost two months since our last news story and I wish I could say that this update would provide some breaking album 14 information but unfortunately, it is still radio silence from the Green Day camp. So, while we continue to wait, I figured I’d take the opportunity to let you know what is still happening here in the meantime while we await news.

Album 14

As I mentioned above, there hasn’t been any direct news from the band about their next album – in fact, the last time they teased it was August of last summer – but there has been one potential good bit of information.

Chris Lorde-Alge who mixed NimrodAmerican Idiot21st Century Breakdown and Uno/Dos/Tre, recently posted two pictures from his mixing studio that featured members of Green Day and album 14 producer Rob Cavallo. That could indicate the album at this point is complete and we could finally be hearing some news soon.

We’ll continue to keep our Album 14 news page updated with any new information as we come across it.

Website Updates

Over the past couple of months, we’ve made a number of additions and improvements to the website you may or may not have noticed. If there’s anything you think is missing from the site, please feel free to submit your suggestions!

  • Green Day Song Guide – A comprehensive list of all known Green Day songs along with those from their joint side projects.
  • Green Day Singles – This section has been completely updated and redesigned and now features much higher quality single artwork.
  • The ‘Walking Alone’ Napkin – Site contributor Todd sent in this awesome piece of memorabilia from his collection for inclusion in the Billie’s Corner section of the website.
  • Concert Posters – We’re always adding new posters as we find them and recently went through each poster in the collection to try and upgrade the size and quality with excellent results for a large quantity of them.
  • Acoustic Performances – Another one of Todd’s excellent contributions to the site was this collection of 50 acoustic performances of Green Day songs that have been added to the Audio Archive.

Idiot Forum

A couple of months ago we opened our fan forum and a great little community has developed. We are continuing to have a monthly prize draw for active members and so far have given away a Nimrod XXV vinyl box set and an $80 Oakland Coffee prize pack. This month’s winner will receive an $80 gift card for Green Day merch so if you haven’t already signed up we’d love to have you join in the conversation.


A lot of visitors to the site get notified of news stories from our Twitter account and we’ll continue to tweet out from there until Elon completes his mission of burning it to the ground. That said, you can also find us on Bluesky if you’ve managed to snag an invite before it fully launches.