Green Day gives fans the middle finger

Green Day give fans the middle finger

As Green Day fans were excitedly pouring over the new demos released with the Nimrod XXV box set, the band had a few more treats in store for the album’s belated 25th anniversary celebration.

First up was the unexpected 4K upgrade for the music videos of singles ‘Nice Guys Finish Last’ and ‘Good Riddance’, with the former being particularly exciting as it was not previously available on Green Day’s official YouTube channel.


If you watched the video above for ‘Nice Guys Finish Last’, you may have noticed the fans with the Nimrod branded foam middle fingers. Those not only appeared in this music video but were also sold at concerts at the time. Now you can finally get your hands on one as they were made available again today for purchase in the band’s online store. Availability may vary by country as they have not yet popped up in the Canadian store.

Finally, to end things off we had the announcement of a new Coverups show on February 2 at Retro Junkie in Walnut Creek, CA. I would give you ticket information, but the show of course almost immediately sold out. So you’ll have to settle for viewing the show poster.