The Coverups band
The Coverups band



Billie Joe and Mike Dirnt teamed up with Green Day touring guitarist Jason White, tour manager Bill Schneider (bass) and engineer Chris Dugan (drums) to form this cover band in 2018. The Coverups have played sporadic shows throughout California in the intervening years covering bands such as The Rolling Stones, Nirvana, David Bowie and The Ramones.

The Coverups are the first cover band Billie started but he also later formed The Del Gatos (renamed The Upside Downers for their live EP), which featured a similar lineup but Bill Schneider’s brother Greg was on bass and Mike Dirnt was not in the band.


Billie Joe Armstrong performing with the Coverups

Billie Joe Armstrong

Vocals / Guitar

Mike Dirnt performing with the Coverups

Mike Dirnt

Vocals / Guitar

Jason White performing with the Coverups

Jason White

Vocals / Guitar

Bill Schneider performing with the Coverups

Bill Schneider


Chris Dugan performing with the Coverups

Chris Dugan



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