Green Day release Pollyanna single

Green Day surprise drop new single ‘Pollyanna’

Just days after posting a video tease of a song clip from the studio, Green Day officially released the track today called ‘Pollyanna’. The new single was released to all streaming platforms along with a lyric video on YouTube around noon today.

The video caption seems to indicate that the song is not tied to a future album but rather a stand-alone single like the recently released track ‘Here Comes The Shock’.

Better days are looking up the road, and to celebrate the 2021 Hella Mega US dates, we just dropped a brand new song.

Green Day (YouTube video caption)

So while the new single doesn’t appear to be part of a new album project right now, it is possible that the song will be released as part of the band’s next album whenever it does happen. You can follow along with the latest news on that on our Album 14 page.

Hella Mega Tour

The new single wasn’t the only news of the day, as you may have guessed from the quote above, the Hella Mega Tour will in fact go ahead this summer in the US. Unfortunately, the band has canceled their lone Canadian date in Toronto with no end in sight to the border closure between the two countries.

In order to get the tour in, the band had to rearrange some of the dates to later in the summer. Fans in Seattle, Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco will find their shows now conclude the tour in late August into early September.

There were also two dates added to the tour, fans in Columbus and Milwaukee can grab their tickets to the just-announced shows this Friday. Get all the details on tickets and dates at

Good Morning America

The last bit of news on this busy day came from a tweet from Good Morning America which indicated that Billie Joe Armstrong will be performing at their summer concert series on July 16th along with his Hella Mega tourmates Fall Out Boy and Weezer.

Billie was supposed to appear on the series last summer to perform a song from his No Fun Mondays project, but the appearance was postponed after the death of George Floyd. The network chose instead to highlight a black artist in his spot, a decision Billie no doubt supported.