Billie Joe Armstrong shares studio tease

Billie Joe teases new song in studio clip

Green Day’s official Instagram account has shared a short clip of Billie Joe, in what appears to be the bands home studio OTIS, playing a snippet of a new song. The clip begins with Billie saying “nice little intro here, check it out” before playing an 11 second clip of the song,

While there’s no official word of what Green Day is currently working on, Billie told NME last November that all options were on the table.

Whether we do a full-length album or an EP or just a song, we have a lot of different options. It’s a matter of whenever the right moment happens. That’s the beauty of the way you can put music out these days. You don’t have to wait for any gatekeeper to tell you that the timing is right.

Billie Joe Armstrong (courtesy of NME)

The producer of Green Day’s previous album, Father Of All Motherfuckers, was quoted last April as saying he was “getting ready to start another Green Day record” so it’s certainly possible a new album is on the horizon. Check out our Album 14 page for all the latest on the next album.

As for the new snippet, some fans have noticed that the intro to this song tease sounds similar to ‘Manic Monday’ which Billie covered as part of his No Fun Mondays project last year. Check it out below and see what you think.