Billie Joe Armstrong - Welcome To My Panic

Billie opens up on ‘Welcome To My Panic’

Billie Joe Armstrong is the subject of the latest audiobook from Audible’s Words + Music series which was released today. Much to the annoyance of fans outside of the United States who had signed up for Audible accounts specifically to listen to the episode – it was unfortunately nowhere to be found.

It’s a shame it wasn’t released to a wider audience because Billie not only shares a ton of great stories and inspirations behind songs, there were also new striped down accoustic versions of ‘Revolution Radio’, ‘2,000 Light Years Away’, ‘Graffitia’, ‘Know Your Enemy’, ‘American Idiot’, ‘Basket Case’, ‘Good Riddance’ and ‘Wake Me Up When September Ends’.

For fans in the United States, please do go to Audible and create an account and you will be able to listen by signing up for a free trial. For fans everywhere else, we don’t wanna leave you hanging so you can listen to the episode below. Check out the Audio Archive if you’d like to just listen to the new acoustic tracks.

Billie Joe Armstrong – Welcome To My Panic