Billie Joe Armstrong joins Jimmy Kimmel Live

Billie Joe promotes ‘Welcome To My Panic’ on Kimmel

In March it was announced that Audible’s Words + Music series would have an episode focusing on Billie Joe and last night he joined Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote the new audiobook which is debuting this Thursday (April 22) called ‘Welcome To My Panic’.

In the interview, Billie expressed a bit of surprise that he told his entire life story in the new audiobook and what a trip it was to go back and experience his state of mind when writing early Green Day songs. The Kimmel staff even dug up an old newspaper article about Billie from when he recorded Look For Love at 5 years old.

Courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel Live

Kimmel went on to discuss his tour of Wimbledon thanks to Green Day superfan Serena Williams who Billie reveals always requests they play ‘Disappearing Boy’ at each show she attends. Check out the whole interview below!