Green Day launch Oakland Coffee House

Green Day launch virtual Oakland Coffee House

Green Day have launched a new “sorta live” concert series, rewards program and virtual vault through their organic coffee business which they’re calling the Oakland Coffee House. The band launched Oakland Coffee in 2015 promising organic fair trade coffee beans in compostable packaging.

Sorta Live from the Oakland Coffee House promises to be a virtual “ongoing concert series that spotlights some of the amazingly talented artists from Oakland and across the USA”. The series will kick off this Friday (April 16) at 2 pm PT with performances from Green Day touring guitarist Jason White, Brontez Purnell and Whateverglades. Tickets are $1.99, with proceeds helping to support artists and their favourite charities.

Oakland Coffee House is good music, plain and simple. This is just another way for people to have some fun and watch some insanely talented musicians do what they’re great at.

– Billie Joe Armstrong

The band also announced a perks program for signing up for “Free Stuff Rewards” on the site. Basic membership will get you access to a virtual vault that promises to feature “super rare videos of Green Day throughout the years”. Already you’ll find exclusive live performances of Walking Contradiction, Basket Case and Burnout.

For those who wish to obtain even more features, you’ll have to sign up for an ongoing Oakland Coffee subscription or spend enough money in the store to qualify for their VIP and All Access perks. With the paid perks fans can watch all the Sorta Live series concerts for free along with getting exclusive content, merch and even early access to Green Day concert tickets.

You can head over to Oakland Coffee now and sign up for the Free Stuff Rewards to get instant access to the virtual vault and check out the rest of what Oakland Coffee House will offer.