Bored In The USA

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Release Date: January 11, 2000
Length: 20:19
Studio: Catbox Studios
Label: Adeline Records
Producer: N/A
Mixing: N/A
Engineer: Chris Dugan
Artwork: Ed Pond (cover photo), Marisa Graham (Gilman photo)
Musicians: Jason Chandler (vocals, guitar), Terry Linehan (guitar/vocals), Mike Dirnt (bass/vocals), Art Tedeschi (drums), Sara Tassione & Sarah Williams (vocals on track 1)

Notes: The debut album from The Frustrators. Wilhelm Fink (an alias used by Billie Joe Armstrong) is thanked in the credits for contributing the album name.


  1. I Slept With Terry
  2. Then She Walked Away
  3. Living In The Real World [Blondie]
  4. East Bay Of Urden Bay
  5. You’re Only Human
  6. West Of Texas
  7. The Great Australian Midget Toss
  8. Brown Mercury Comet