Green Day at the 2019 NHL All Star Game

Watch: Green Day drop F-bombs at NHL All-Star Game

Green Day caused a stir this weekend dropping f-bombs on live TV during their appearance at the NHL All-Star game in St. Louis, MO. The band performed a short outdoor concert (featuring the live debut of ‘Fire, Ready, Aim’) before heading inside for what was expected to be a family-friendly TV performance.

We all know, however, Green Day are not keen to follow rules of any sort, especially those of network TV. During ‘Basket Case’ Billie Joe politely asked the crowd to “Get your fucking hands in the air” and added “Let’s go fucking crazy!” during the bands’ performance of ‘American Idiot’.

A reminder that we are just months into what is supposed to be a two-year partnership between the NHL and Green Day. The league has not yet commented on the performance but the incident was trending on Twitter and made headlines of major news organizations like CNN.

Check out the full uncensored video of Green Day’s NHL All-Star game performance below.