Billie Joe Armstrong on the Armchair Expert podcast

OEB single rolling out + Billie on Armchair Expert

After some not so subtle teasing earlier this week from Green Day’s social media accounts, the fourth single from Saviors started rolling out today beginning in Australia. The new track, ‘One Eyed Bastard’, follows just under a month after the release of the album’s third single, ‘Dilemma’.

It remains to be seen if ‘One Eyed Bastard’ will be pushed to radio, so far it seems only ‘The American Dream Is Killing Me’ has received any promotion in that regard thus far and it continues to perform well after 10 weeks on the charts.

We’ll update this post with an embed of the YouTube video once it’s available everywhere (edit: song is now available!), but you should be able to find it at this link if you use a VPN to change your location to Australia in the meantime. Once you’ve heard it, make sure to head over to the Saviors page and add your rating for ‘One Eyed Bastard’ and the other singles if you haven’t already and then check out our fan ranking charts to see how they are stacking up.

Armchair Expert podcast

Also released today was Billie Joe’s appearance on the Armchair Expert podcast hosted by Dax Shepard. I’d highly suggest taking time to listen to the episode, it’s a lot more interesting than the regular music media interviews we are accustomed to. You can also check out photo’s from the appearance on the Armchair Expert website.

Billie Joe Armstrong (Saviors, American Idiot, Dookie) is a musician and lead vocalist of the rock band Green Day. Billie joins the Armchair Expert to discuss what it’s like to have a brother 20 years older than him, the evolution of punk music, and his songwriting process.

Billie and Dax talk about what it’s like to move into a big city from a small town, what it’s like to be in love at a young age, and where the name Green Day came from. Billie explains what his experiences with addiction have been, how his wife started a chimp sanctuary, and why the band wanted to produce their latest album in England.

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