Green Day to reissue Insomniac for 25th anniversary

Green Day celebrate 25 years of Insomniac

With Insomniac turning 25 tomorrow, Green Day has announced a new double LP vinyl re-issue and remaster of the album which is available for pre-order now.

Green Day re-issue of Insomniac

The new LP will be pressed on translucent orange vinyl with the cover art printed on “prismatic silver foil”. The second vinyl in the set will include live tracks from a performance in Prague in 1996.

The live tracks listed below that are included on the live album are all the songs the band performed at the Prague show from Insomniac.

  1. Armatage Shanks
  2. Brat
  3. Geek Stink Breath
  4. Stuck With Me
  5. Brain Stew
  6. Jaded
  7. Walking Contradiction
  8. 86

As mentioned you can pre-order the vinyl now but it will be some time before you’ll get your hands on it. Due to COVID related production delays, the album won’t ship until “early 2021” (Update: the vinyl will release on March 19, 2021).

Live Footage

Green Day also released footage from the aforementioned Prague show on their YouTube channel today.

The 20-minute video features some behind the scenes tour footage along with some of the live performances you’ll be getting on the new Insomniac double vinyl.

New Merch

If that all wasn’t enough for you, Green Day have also brought back some classic Insomniac merch items to their online store!

Like the vinyl, however, you will also have to wait until early 2021 for it to ship but you can head over to the webstore and pre-order now.