GIlman Street's Ripoffs tribute LP

Dookie tribute LP available for pre-order

Asian Man Records has announced details of the Dookie tribute LP that they are releasing along with 924 Gilman in honor of the 25th anniversary of the album.

The record is titled “Gilman Street’s Ripoffs” and features 15 Gilman bands coving a song each from the album and has a new take on Dookie’s famous artwork.

As reported earlier, the bands featured on the LP will also be performing the songs live in a tribute show on February 2, 2019, at 924 Gilman with all proceeds going back to the non-profit club.

The record will ship the second week of February but you can pre-order yours today.

Gilman Street's Ripoffs Tribute LP


side A
01. Hotbods – Burnout
02. Grumpster – Having a Blast
03. Little Debbie And The Crusaders – Chump
04. Unpopular Opinion – Longview
05. Neverlyn – Welcome to Paradise
06. Sarchasm -Pulling Teeth
07. Like Roses – Basket Case

side B
08. Pity Party – She
09. Danger Inc. – Sassafras Roots
10. Gnarboots – When I Come Around
11. Get Married – Coming Clean
12. Deseos Primitivos – Emenius Sleepus
13. Corrupted Morals – In The End
14. Rex Means King – FOD
15. Weeny Witch – All By Myself