How To Makes Enemies And Irritate People

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Release Date: September 23, 1994
Length: 27:34
Studio: Panic’s Basement
LabelLookout! Records
Producer: N/A
Mixing: N/A
Engineer: Mass Giorgini
Artwork: Anna Mullen (photos)
Musicians: Ben Weasel (vocals, guitar), Mike Dirnt (bass, backing vocals), Jughead (guitar), Dan Panic (drums).

Notes: Mike Dirnt filled in on bass for this Screeching Weasel album after Dan Vapid left the band. The album was was supposed to be their final studio album but they would eventually return after a two year hiatus with Vapid returning to bass duties. The song title ‘I Wrote Holden Caulfield’ is a play on the Green Day song title ‘Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?’ released on Kerplunk.


  1. Planet Of The Apes
  2. 99
  3. I Hate Your Guts On Sunday
  4. Johnny R U Weird?
  5. Time Bomb
  6. Burnout Girl
  7. If I Was You
  8. Nobody Likes You
  9. Degenerate
  10. Surf Goddess
  11. Kathy Isn’t Right
  12. Kathy’s On The Roof
  13. I Wrote Holden Caulfield