What will happen when Green Day wake up?

On September 20th, a mysterious new website surfaced at the URL that directed users to a mostly blank page with just the word “NO” displayed. This morning that website updated its message to “NOPE”.

Green Day fans are no strangers to Wake Me Up When September Ends memes at this time of year, even the band themselves have used the joke in the past while promoting the launch of the Hella Mega Tour, could they be using it again to countdown to a new single and album announcement?

We know the band are expected to release their new album in “early 2024” according to producer Rob Cavallo, so we are certainly in the zone for the release of the lead single to begin promotion. Many bands in the streaming age are releasing three or more singles prior to the album dropping and Green Day has already played a new song called ‘1981’ at a performance earlier this summer, which could mean that it’s in line to be an early single.

Another clue to the legitimacy of the website was a September 21st post from the band’s social media accounts promoting their upcoming headlining performances at the When We Were Young Festival in Las Vegas. While the post makes no direct reference to the mystery website, the poker chips shown in the image have the exact same pink colour hue as the words on the website.

While we don’t have any solid answers right now, perhaps as the messaging on the website changes in the coming days we’ll be provided with more clues. Otherwise, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens on October 1st…