Billie Joe Armstrong - That Thing You Do!

Watch: Billie Joe pays tribute with latest cover

Billie Joe used his latest ‘No Fun Mondays’ cover to pay tribute to Fountains Of Wayne bassist & lyricist Adam Schlesinger who passed away on April 1st at age 52 due to complications related to COVID-19.

Today’s song is a tribute to the late Adam Schlesinger and the incredible music he wrote including this one, “That Thing You Do”

– Billie Joe Armstrong

Schlesinger composed ‘That Thing You Do!’ for the movie of the same name where it was performed by the fictional band, The Wonders. The song scored an Oscar nomination for Best Original Song.

The music video for Billie’s cover of the song features images of Green Day performing during the 99 Revolutions Tour. Check it out below and if you’ve missed any of his previous covers, you can find them on our No Fun Mondays page.