Hella Mega Tour dates postponed

Axe begins to fall on Hella Mega Tour dates

If you read our article last week on the topic, you knew this was coming. Today, Green Day announced on their social media accounts that numerous Hella Mega Tour dates have been postponed to an undisclosed date in 2021.


While it’s not mentioned above, the postponements don’t stop there. Green Day’s tour dates prior to Hella Mega from May 24th – June 7th have also officially been put on hold. Oddly, two dates in Italy taking place June 10th & 11th are still showing up amid the string of cancellations that otherwise stretches to June 24th encompassing 13 of 15 tour dates in that period so far.

While the late June – late August dates of the tour haven’t been postponed yet, it’s only a matter of time. The good news, however, is the joint statement from all three bands headlining the Hella Mega tour seems to indicate that they are willing to find the time next summer to plot the tour then.

While you likely won’t be able to see Green Day on tour this summer, you may have a new album from them sooner than you think. You can follow along with the latest on that front on our Album 14 page.