Rock Roll Repeat drops new Saviors designs

Rock Roll Repeat drops new Saviors merch

Rock Roll Repeat have dropped another fresh line of Green Day t-shirts inspired by ‘One Eyed Bastard’ and ‘Bobby Sox’ from the band’s latest album Saviors. The Oakland based rock apparel brand have previously released merch for Green Day celebrating Dookie, Insomniac, Kerplunk and more which you can still order on their website.

In the latest drop you’ll find ‘One Eyed Bastard’ designs in the form of a standard t-shirt, a baby doll t-shirt (a brand new style for the company) and a sticker set (containing a 4″ OEB prismatic sticker and a full body 3″ OEB is a vinyl sticker) all featuring the graffiti style character from the music video for the song.

The new ‘Bobby Sox’ concert tees are a new style for the company which Rock Roll Repeat Owner/designer Joshua Shame tells us prioritize comfort with a softer material and a classic fit, compared to the existing, more form-fitting Merch Tees. You can purchase the concert tees in either unisex or women’s sizing.

All items are available to pre-order at Rock Roll Repeat right now and will be shipped in 2-3 weeks time. You can also head over to their Instagram to enter a contest to win all of the merch in the new drop, contest closes Monday so don’t delay.