Green Day postpone Hella Mega Tour

North American Hella Mega dates postponed

The only thing surprising about today’s announcement was how long it took them to come to this conclusion, but after weeks of speculation, the North American leg of the Hella Mega Tour has officially been postponed to 2021.

With today’s announcement, that leaves just four dates left on the calendar for Green Day in their planned summer tour that have not yet been postponed. Those dates are in the UK and Ireland between June 24th and 29th.

When those shows are inevitably postponed as well, fans will have to wait until November for the bands return to the stage when the Hella Mega Tour is scheduled to kick off in Australia.

While fans will find today’s news disappointing, all three headlining bands should be commended for not only having fan safety as their number one priority but also for working together to clear their schedules to make sure the tour everyone has looked forward to for so long will still happen next year.