Billie Joe Armstrong with the Dookie Drive

MXR To Release Second Edition Of The Dookie Drive

If you missed out on the first edition of MXR’s Dookie Drive, we have good news for you, a second edition of the Drive is set to be released with an expected ship date of January 19, 2020! You can pre-order the drive now at Guitar Center for  $189.99 USD. Check out the changes in the design and the product description below. Thanks to u/Phinsup21 on Reddit for spotting this.

Green Day MXR Dookie Drive
First edition (left) and second edition (right) MXR Dookie Drive


The year 2019 marked the 25th anniversary of the release of Green Day’s iconic album Dookie. In celebration, MXR worked with Billie Joe Armstrong to create the Dookie Drive Pedal to capture the dirty, yet articulate sound that he used on that record.

By popular demand, MXR are releasing another run of Dookie Drive Pedals. This version features new artwork that contrasts the most explosive element of the Dookie album cover against a brushed aluminum casting for a look that’s sleek, yet rugged.


  • Get the dirty, punchy overdrive sound that Billie Joe Armstrong used on Green Day’s Dookie
  • Captures the tones of both of Billie Joe’s custom amplifiers in a single pedal
  • High Gain section supplies tons of scooped gain
  • Crunch Gain section serves up a well-defined midrange
  • Blend the two sounds together just like Green Day did in the studio
  • Unique circuit design built from the ground up by the award-winning MXR team
  • Special edition artwork features Dookie explosion over brushed aluminum housing