Green Day January news wrap-up

Monthly Wrap-Up: January 2019

A bit late with the wrap-up this month due to some issues with the site which resulted in me spending my entire weekend getting everything (well almost everything) back in working order. The ‘Every Song Live’ section will have to be completely rebuilt so I’ll work to have that back up and running this week. I’m gonna cheat a bit and include Feb 1 in January wrap so I can share the stories that came out for Dookie‘s 25th anniversary.

25 Years Of Dookie:
  1. Billie, Mike and Tre share their thoughts on Dookie’s 25th (GD Online)
  2. Producer Rob Cavallo on the punk album that changed everything (Billboard)
  3. Green Day’s Dookie: 10 things you didn’t know (Rolling Stone)
  4. How Green Day’s breakthrough shaped the 90’s (Entertainment Weekly)
  5. Artists reflect on 25 years of Dookie (Consequence Of Sound)
  6. Green Day blamed someone surprising for Kurt Cobain’s death (Alternative Nation)
  7. Dookie is more than a 90’s slacker touchstone (Consequence Of Sound)
  8. Why Green Day killed grunge dead with Dookie (Alternative Nation)
  9. Shit happens: Green Day’s explosive Dookie, 25 years later (The Ringer)
  10. Dookie’s songs ranked worst to best (Billboard)
News Stories:
  1. Green Day to sell a career spanning collection of rare gear (Reverb)
  2. MXR Dookie Drive unveiled (GD Online)
  3. Dookie tribute LP available for pre-order (GD Online)
Top r/GreenDay Posts:
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  2. Different Green Day lyrics and fonts fan art (u/silkydick420)
  3. Best picture of Billie I took at Leeds 2017 (u/KilltheDJ98)
  4. 2004, what a time (u/ProjectSkyheart)
  5. Possible Dookie pedal? (u/Thejustinset)
Top r/GreenDay Shitposts:
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