Green Day Monthly Wrap - December 2018

Monthly Wrap-Up: December 2018

I hope everyone had a great holiday season and a Happy New Year! Kicking off 2019, we look back at all the significant events that took place in the world of Green Day in the previous month.

News Stories:
  1. Green Day release ‘Youngblood’ music video (GD Online)
  2. Billie confirms work on new Green Day music + podcast interview released (GD Online)
  3. The Coverups tackle a Nirvana classic (Alternative Nation)
  4. Tre Cool announces the birth of his son Mickey (Instagram)
  5. What Makes This Song Great? Ft. Boulevard of Broken Dreams (YouTube)
  6. Green Day’s Bookmobile finds new life (GD Online)
  7. Green Day member brutally calls out girlfriend for cheating on him (Alternative Nation)
  8. Green Day’s Kerplunk is an unspoiled ’90s punk gem (Kerrang)
  9. Christmas at the Cool’s (GD Online)
  10. Billie posts Longshot inspired Green Day art (Instagram)
Top r/GreenDay Posts:
  1. Dookie intensifies (u/that1grungeguy)
  2. Billie Joe doing a cover of Drain You by Nirvana a.k.a the most beautiful thing ever (u/sighhchedlic)
  3. Confirmed: Tre isn’t the pink bunny (u/jguth21)
  4. 90’s Mark Hoppus! (u/ZooNooz)
Top r/GreenDay Shitposts:
  1. Change my mind (u/fuc)
  2. Billie Joe after checking r/GreenDay halfway through Shitpost Sunday and seeing no memes (u/JAS0N)
  3. The first man on the moon, bicyclist extraordinaire, jazz influencer trumpet player, Billie Joe Armstrong!!! (u/DragonSlayer271)
  4. It’s true, and nothing you can say can go against this. (u/DragonSlayer271)
  5. God’s Favorite Band (u/BuckoBean29)