Billie Joe Armstrong with sons Joey and Jakob

Joey Armstrong On Growing Up Side Stage

Joey Armstrong, the drummer for the rock group SWMRS and eldest son of Billie Joe, joined The Trap Set podcast to explain how he got started in music and growing up in his famous father’s shadow. Some highlights from the interview:

  • He started drumming in front of the TV watching Green Day concert footage while Billie was away on tour.
  • “Every day we’d wake up with the Rolling Stones,” Joey says explaining that Billie pushed him to explore different genres and varieties of music.
  • His mother Adrienne just wants to “save the world” and is the “sweetest person on earth”.
  • He knew he wanted to be in a band from the time he was a child watching Green Day from side stage, it was a “lesson every night”.
  • He’s trying to set his own path but also knows how lucky he was to grow up watching Green Day and was inspired by how hard they work.

There’s a lot more interesting content in the full podcast which you can listen to below or just search for The Trap Set podcast on your preferred platform.